HIP 90 Day Nutrition Plan

This is your ultimate guide to healthy living and feeling your best.

We launched the HIP 90 Challenge in 2013 and since we have had over 100 clients join the challenge and achieve amazing results!

THIS IS NOT A DIET! You will NOT be cutting out food groups, restricting your calorie intake or working out 3 hours a day. This is a realistic plan that will fit anyone’s lifestyle that will give you real results that will last all year long. We show you how to eat real food, teach you the most effective ways to workout and keep you motivated for 90 days.

What the Challenge includes:

  • HIP Clean Eating Manual: This manual details what to eat, when to eat & what not to eat
  • Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • Our favorite foods to buy
  • Measurements and pictures: Taken at 30, 60 & 90 days so you can see your progress
  • Point tracker
  • Weekly challenges & check-ins to keep you motivated
  • Journal
  • Workout Videos exclusive to Challengers