Q: How do I sign up and schedule sessions?

A: We use a secure software system that allows you to purchase packages, book sessions and manage your account online. Simply click on our sign up button and you will be prompted to create a username and password. You will then be asked to enter your billing information and select your purchase. Once this process is completed, you can begin booking your classes. Since we have a limited number of spaces, it’s best to reserve online so you’re guaranteed a spot. Our scheduling system allows you to book 30 days in advance so you can plan your sessions around your schedule.

Q: What if a class is full?

A: If a class is full add yourself to the waitlist. As soon as someone cancels, you will be sent an email confirming that you’ve been added to the class. We allow clients to book 30 days in advance and most of the time clients always cancel before and after our 8 hour window. Our waitlist shuts off 8 hours before the class so within 8 hours of the class is always a great time to see if something has opened.

Q: How does the waitlist work?

A: Simply add yourself to the waitlist and as soon as someone cancels you will receive your  OFFICIAL confirmation that you are in the class. If you do not want the class it is your responsibility to cancel yourself out to avoid any late cancel fees. The waitlist shuts off 8 hours before the class and you will not automatically be added after that period. If you haven’t received an email please re-check the schedule as spots always open up.

We can also send you a text message to notify you. If you would like to receive a text please email us at info@hipstudio.com with your cell phone number and mobil provider.

Q: I’ve bought a package but the system isn’t allowing me to book?

A: When you purchase a session pack or a monthly unlimited membership the system will set your start date based on the first class you schedule. Once you schedule that first class the system will not let you book anything before that date. If this has happened simply cancel yourself out of the classes you scheduled for an re-register yourself for the first calendar date you want to take. If this isn’t the issue please give us a call and we will look into it.

Q: Where to park?

We have plenty of parking in our upper and lower parking lot. If the center is full there is parking on 13th street, just north of HIP. If you are driving south on PCH the best place to find a space is on 11th street. There is ample FREE parking and located directly across the street from the studio.

Q: What happens if I miss a class?

A: Due to limited number of spaces available in each class, HIP Studio has two types of cancellation charges: late cancel and no show. A $15 late cancel charge will occur if you cancel within 8 hours of your scheduled class time. A $25 no show fee will occur if you signed up for a class and do not attend, regardless of what package you have.

Q: What should I wear and bring to class?

* Wear clothes that you usually wear to the gym—something comfortable and easy to move in. For guys, gym pants or long shorts are recommended.
* For our Pilates, Barre & Yoga classes, no shoes are needed. For better form, safety and hygiene, we do require everyone wear non-slip tread socks during class. If you do not bring your own, these socks are for sale at the studio. For our Bag of Tricks, Kickboxing & Zumba classes, please wear your workout shoes.
* A hand towel is recommended as you will most likely sweat!
* We have a water cooler at the studio but you can always bring your own water bottle.
* No cell phones during class… it’s all about you so let this be YOUR 50 minutes!

Q: This is my first time, do I need a private session first?

A: For the majority of our clients, no private session is needed. However, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before class so our certified instructors can review your fitness level, go over any injuries you may have and get you familiar with the studio. All classes are designed to work in a group setting and can be modified based on your current fitness level. If you are recovering from an injury, have chronic back pain or painful joints, or are concerned about your fitness level, then a private session may be beneficial. Just give us a call and we can figure out the best package for you.