HIP Studio was born out of a friendship between two women with a mutual enthusiasm for fit living and high intensity workouts. South Bay locals Christine Crivello and Amber Susa Jewett were bored with traditional gyms and tired of having multiple memberships for specialty classes to get the workout they wanted. They shared a vision of creating a space with a true sense of community and support that had something for everyone. Christine had spent 10 years in the music and fashion industries before making her passion for fitness a career. Amber, a life-long fitness devotee chose to pursue her passion for health and fitness full-time after years of working as an actress and dancer. Together with their unique backgrounds they embarked on a journey to make fitness fun, effective and sustainable. They are continually striving to provide the perfect blend of intensity and variety in order to reshape the body and maximize results.

HIP Studio isn’t just a place to workout; it’s a lifestyle. When you walk though the doors you will feel energy and passion for health & fitness. Clean living is the key to being fit and feeling your best inside and out.

As instructors themselves, Christine and Amber understand how valuable it is to have amazing trainers with the perfect blend of knowledge, enthusiasm and compassion. They take their clients’ health and safety very seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. At HIP Studio you will find bright colors, energizing music, and lots of smiles!

be FIT • be HIP • be YOU